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14th Jan 2009

Havent updated in forever. Im probably not gonna update anymore. Im now collecting the Inuyasha manga and they slowly get published by Viz Media.

24th March 2007

*Crystal Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!
Well done Crystal! ^^

18th March 2007

*Jessie Tallman Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!
Well done Jessie! Man, I've really neglected this site, ne? ^^' I'm currently making a Fruits Basket manga site by the way...

30th December 2006

*Rosita Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!
*kate Shaffran Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!
Well done Rosita and kate Shaffran! ^^ I've now got both my Inuyasha volumes 25 and 26 and Fruits Basket volume 15!!! I can't believe we have to wait until April 2007 for volume 16! :'( I recently ordered two Inuyasha calendars for 2007 off Amazon (one for me, and one for my friend). ^^

28th November 2006

*laura Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!
Well done laura! ;) I really gotta update this website more...Maybe a Round Two of the What Episode quiz...I'm just too lazy to, though. :P Honestly, I would just delete this website, but my friend Hokage-Sama-Chan would certainly kill me. ^^' I ordered Inuyasha volumes 25 and 26 last week. I plan on getting Escaflowne (dvd) volume 3 once they've arrived. Can't wait for Fruits Basket 15!!! December 12th!!! Yes, it sucks that we have to wait till the 12th, but it's coming out this year!!! :D

12th November 2006

*Paipai Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!
*PJ Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!
Well done Paipai and PJ!! ^^ Yesterday, my Inuyasha books which I ordered a month ago finally arrived! Inuyasha volumes 2-24!!! (got them off (I brought volume 1 separately) They're so kool!!! ^____________________^ Any of you out there Doctor Who fans? I plan on getting all of the new series:series 2 for Christmas. ^^ I also can't wait for December! Fruits Basket Volume 15!!!! (not sure of the exact date it's going to be released, as I'm too scared 2 google search in case I find any more Fruits Basket spoilers (which have made me a 'spoiler-hater' ^^').

25th September 2006

*xiomara Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!
*Jasmine Arrow Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!
*Akane Kaminga Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Hey. Well done xiomara, Jasmine Arrow and Akane Kaminga!!!The currently into Bleach right now. I can't wait 4 Fruits Basket Volume 15 to be out in English. December! ^^ I want the FB volumes 2 be released in english quicker, but I also never want the series to end...0_o'

9th September 2006

*Tsumi owns Naruto

Hi. Back to school. :( The teachers are really being strict t us this year...I've now got Card Captor Sakura every episode and Movie 2 on dvd! ^^ And, yesterday, my Inuyasha human plush that I ordered arrived! ;) He's soooooo cute!!!! ^___________^

20th August 2006

*Krissy Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Hey! Well done Amy!! ^^ Yesterday was my birthday! Wee!!! 1 year older! ^^ I got mainly money (to buy Inuyasha manga off the net with! ^^) ^^ I can't wait! But, I'm going 2 be careful and not spend it all at once. ;) Also, I get pocket money each week. (Well, they don't give it 2 me, BUT, I always write down on my Inuyahsa calendar each time a Saturday comes around how much I have now. ^^) I wonder if this site is even visited at all...oh well,i don't care, because I like updating!! ^_____________^ Ja ne!

1st August 2006

*Added 1 person owning a character

Nothing much happening today, I still hope to buy thise manga books, but if not today, tomorrow. ^^ Loveless is kinda okay, but Soubi kisses poor Ritsuka kinda often, when Soubi is much older than Ritsuka, and Ritsuka doesn't exactly love Soubi. The pic above is from Card Captor Sakura Movie 2 The Sealed Card. ^^ (even though it says The First Movie. Btw, I didn't make it.^^)

31st July 2006

*Krissy Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Well done Krissy!! ^^ I've been watching a few episodes of an anime called Loveless. It's kool. My Fruits Basket manga website finally has all of the links for the main page done, but I still need to do ALL the information. It'll take a while... :( But, Yay! Fruits Basket Volume 14 is out tomorrow!!! I hope to order it off Amazon tomorrow, but if not then, then I'll order it the day after tomorrow. Oh, by the way, I'm planning on buying every volumes of the Inuyasha manga in English (separtely, not all at once! XD). It'll take me quite a while to get all of them, but I hope to do it. Please note that I'm talking about the Inuysha manga and not the 'Ani-Manga' thing that you can get. ^^ Do you like the pic above? It's Sakura from Card Captor Sakura but I'm sure you already know that. ^^ I just LOVE that pic!!! :) :) Bye for now!

26th July 2006

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*cassandra Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Hi! Well done Cassandra!! ^^ Fruits Basket Volume 14 is out August 1st!!! I'm definately buying it from Amazon!! ^^ The pic above is of Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club. Kawaii, ne? She's either a very handsome boy, or a girl, ne? So I guess it's okay for the costomers to think she's a boy. XD ^^ lol. bye-bye!

25th July 2006

*Caleb Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Well done Caleb! ^^ I've just finished watching Tokyo Mew Mew and now I've heard about a manga that carries on from Tokyo Mew Mew called Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode.(Volume 1's cover of it is above ^^) I plan on buying Volumes 1 & 2 (i don't think there's a volume 3 out) along with Volume 14 of Fruits Basket manga!!! ^^ :) Yay! Kureno's on the cover! Chiken boy!!! :) I've started getting some of the stuff ready 4 my Fruits Basket manga website, but I've got coursework to do for September (English) and my parents are insiting I spend too much time on our computer (which is very very true XD ^^). Till next time!!! :)

24th July 2006

*teriss123 Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Hey! ^^ Well done teriss123!!! :) I saw Superman Returns yesterday. A big let down in my opinion. Not much action, boring ending, and the bad guy gets stuck on a beach with his girlfriend...0_o Let's hope Stormbreaker is better (planning on seeing it in a few weeks). ^^

6th July 2006

*Angel Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Well done Angel! ^^ btw, I'm into an anime called Ouran High School Host Club. I know, the title sounds kinda put-off-ish, ne? But it's really a funny anime! I won't say much because of spoilers, but it basically about people who go to a rich people school, and there's a Host Club, which means there's rich boys entertaining rich girls. When a commoner (someone who is poor and got into the school because of a scolorship) enters the third music room hoping to find some peace and quiet he is greeted by the Host Club who are dissappionted it's just a boy who's walked in. The boy called Haruhi knocks over and smashes a VERY expensive vase, and because he's so poor, he can't pay for it. So he has to be the Host Club's 'dog' doing trivial tasks but things later on make it all much more interesting...try the anime out 4 urselfs! ^^ :)

6th July 2006

*1 person owning a character.
Hullo! Every1 like the pic? Yay! Go Syaoran! ^^ I'm onto Tokyo Mew Mew ep 29, but I can't find eps 30, 31 oe I guess I'll have to request them from some users...

2nd July 2006

*Misuchi-Chan's site has moved to

Hullo everyone! I've started playing my Spyro Year Of The Dragon game on my ps1 again. I love my old battered ps1! ^^ Sure, the Spyro games are old, but they're still pretty good. ^__________^ btw, now i'm onto Tokyo Mew Mew episode 24! ^^

1st July 2006

*janhvi Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!
*Heather Thompson Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Hi! Well done Heather Thompson!!! Well done janhvi!!! ^^ Yay! It's the first of July! Time to change the month on my Inuyasha 2006 calendar!!! (Brought off Amazon last year Christmas time, and I'm planning on getting the 2007 one once the pictures have been finalised, get one-they're great!! ^^) The year is moving quick ne? Btw, I found ep 8 of Tokyo Mew Mew! Yay! I saw it last night, and now I'm on ep 15!!! I was quick! lol! What do you think of the image above? lol! (Disclaimer:The image above is not mine, and I have no thoughts about claiming it as such. ^^) Have a nice 1st of July 2006!!!

25th June 2006

*Fixed the movie 2 links! Now it's hosted my Megaupload.
*Candace Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Well done Candace!!! Btw, I'm finished with .hack//sign (which was great!!) & now I'm into Tokyo Mew Mew (NOT it's dub, Mew Mew Power!). But I can't find ep 8, so I've requested it from someone. So, while I'm waiting to see ep 8 of TMM (Tokyo Mew Mew) I'm watching an anime called Bleach and I also saw eps 32 and 33 of Tsubasa Chronicle yesterday!!! (with subs!!!). ^_______^

13th June 2006

*Off Haitus!

Yay! Thus site is off it's Hiatus!^^ I haven't seen X-Men 3 yet... :( But my friend Crimson Blade has got me into a series called .hack//sign ^___^ Whenever I start watching an anime, I get obsessed with it...I'm still obsessed with Tsubasa Chronicle, but I can't find past episode 31...they've uploaded episode 32 but it doesn't have subtitles in english for all us little people who do not know Japanese...:( They say they'll upload it with subs when they get the ep with subs. :( *cries anime waterfall tears* I want it now! :'( Oh, btw, do not fear, I am still an Inuyasha fan, but I'm into .hack//sign right now, & I'm DEFINATELY watching ep 32 when it has some subs. ^___^

28th May 2006

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Is anyone going to see X-Men 3:The Last Stand? I'm going to, but I have to wait quite a while. Oh, yeah, and has anyone read the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown that everyone keeps talking about? I went to two libraries and both had all their copies taken out. ^^ Like the Kyou Sohma avatar? No, I didn't make it, I give the credit to whoever did though because it's really funny! ^^

24th May 2006

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*Misuchi Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Hi! Snoopy's Inuyasha Shrine is going on Hiatus! I won't be answering ANY emails from anyone regarding this website until the 12th June 2006. I'm not being mean or anything, it's just that I won't have any access to a computer till then. I will be accepting emails regarding this site UNTIL THE 30TH MAY 2006. From the 30th of May till the 12th June 2006 I won't have any access to a computer.

17th May 2006

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*1 person owning a character.

I had a German exam and a French exam yesterday. On the German 1 I did horribly. I wanted to say what I was going to do (the future tense) but I wrote 'Ich worder spiele Tennis' instead of 'Ich werde spiele Tennis'. I was trying to say 'I will play Tennis'. I asked my teacher afterwards what 'worder' meant and guess what!? I actually wrote 'I live play Tennis' o_0 I'm definately getting into a bottom A Set next year...

9th May 2006

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*YamiHikari Won Round One of Snoopy's 'What Episode' Quiz!

Well done YamiHikari! ^^ I have even more exams this week. Not 'national' ones like last week, but they're still important. I have them in French, German, History, R.E. and Geography. When will it ever end? O_0

4th May 2006

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*1 person owning a character.

I have really important exams at the moment, and I hate them. Anyone who LIKES exams is insane. Those examiners are mental, they won't even allow a calculator LID to be in there with you, because 'apparently' they give you important formulae. Oh, sure REALLY important, not! All they give you is a bunch of worthless numbers and how you work out mean using a calculator...(if you can't already tell, I'm talking about those scientific calculators they make us buy.) I had Science exams on Tuesday, Maths yesterday, and English today and tomorrow. I love English and Science isn't THAT bad, but I HATE Maths. I'm fine in the classroon but when it comes to the exams, I'm terrible...I don't panic and my mind doesn't go blank or anything...I just can't work out the darn questions...

28th April 2006

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*Mona Won Round 1 of Snoopy's 'What Episode?' Quiz!
*Fixed 'What Episode?' Quiz Form

Well done to Mona! ^^ I have important exams next week T_T I guess I'll just have to try my best! Wish me luck! ^^

20th April 2006

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*Added 1 person owning a character!

Konnichiwa! ^^ I've just discovered my dog is a caffine addict. O_o Seriously, whenever we have coffee around, she's right there, whining 4 Today my Inuyasha dvd Vol.15 Broken Fang arrived!!! ^^ I can't wait 2 watch it!

I've recently started watching Card Captor Sakura episodes. It's SO much better than that stupid Cardcaptors that I used 2 watch when it was still on t.v. I can't believe they covered up the crush Shaoran (Li in Cardcaptors) had on Yukito! (Julian in Cardcaptors) Do u know the episode at the festival in which Sakura wanted that bunny toy from the ring toss? They cut out the bit in which Sakura says 2 Yukito that ut's cute and he agrees, and Shaoran hears. Then they cut out the bit when Shaoran and Toya (Tory/Tori in Cardcaptors) came through the bushes 2 Sakura and Yukito, when Shaoran gave the rabbit he won to Yukito, but they didn't cut out the bit in which Toya gives the rabbit he won to Sakura. So it LOOKED like they both won their rabbits 4 her! When really, Shaoran won it 4 Yukito! And don't get me started on the name changes from Card Captor Sakura to Cardcaptors...

Then again, it was MUCH worse in Shaman King. Those idiots gave Hao, a way kool physco pyromaniac (someone who's obsessed with fire) who wanted to take over the world, a RIDICULOUS name! Go on! Guess the name! Hao (pronounced 'How') was changed to...Zeke!!! Okay, I understand that people would get confused if they kept the name Hao, because it'd be weird for them saying things like 'How did Hao do that!?' because it would be pronounced 'How did How do that!?'. I understand the problems...but ZEKE! Not only a stupid name (no offense 2 any1 actually called 'Zeke') but it makes Hao-sama sound like a wimp! (again, no offense. ^^) Well, until next time...

18th April 2006

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*Added 1 Affiliate!

Check out InuYasha Extreme (IYE) it's great! They have loads of detailed info and great pics! ^^ And i know this is late but: Happy Easter!!

15th April 2006

*Added 1 person owning a character.
*Added a rule to the Own A Character page.
I've been many Volumes of Furuba are there? On the FB website they show there's 19, but only have links to 13 of them. I assume that means that there are (or the author is planning to have) 19 Volumes, and that 13 of them so far, have been put into English by TOKYOPOP...

14th April 2006

*Updated Affiliates Section
Now Misuchi-chan's site is back up! ^^ She's also got a button now. :) Her site is great! Please feel free to visit it. ^^ I haven't updated in a I've kinda started my Furuba wensite, but it's nowhere near done yet. I'm being very lazy about it :P

27th March 2006

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*Added 1 person owning a character.
Hi! Haven't done an update ina while, but yes, I'm still here. I want to make a Furuba (Fruits Basket) website...but I want a site host that gives me PHP...:(

5th March 2006

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*Added 5 AMVs ^^

I might be getting Furuba volumes 8 & 9 soon, ^-^.

27th February 2006
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*Added one AMV.

I finally got round to adding am AMV. I said to myself, 'look, it's been a while since you've done a real update, so far you've only said about someone woning a character and stuff like that, put up an AMV!' 0_o Well, I said something like that. So, there's an AMV, plus I'm currently making the screencap thingys with the AMV's names on them. ^^ In don't know what they're called. If anyone whos, please email via the contact page. ^.^Y

26th February 2006
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*Changed Random Image

My friend pointed out to me on Friday that I kept spelling 'Suberu' wrong. In fact, his name is spelt 'Subaru' not 'Suberu' like I thought it was. So I've gone back through all my old updates and changed the spelling, even though no one's going to read old updates anyway.

23rd February 2006
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*Added 1 Affiliate!

I've got an Affiliate! :) Check out Misuchi-Chan's image gallery.

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*Added 1 person owning a character

I've been getting two of my friends reading Fruits Basket and one of the two is reading Tokyo Babylon. I never realised so many people like manga. I even saw a boy in my English class today with a D.N.Angel Volume 1 that he'd borrowed from a friend!

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*Added one person owning a character
*Added a Hentai Free sign (don't know why I didn't add one sooner ^^)

Today I watched the last episode of D.N.Angel at YouTube. It was great! :)

18th February 2006
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*Added a poll!!^^
*Added one person owning a character

Hi! Webmisstress Snoopy here. Something weird just happened. My computer's mouse just went Tom and Jerry on me and started slidding along the page as I was trying to type this. 0_o Like I said, weird...anyway...

I was browsing around YouTube when I saw this D.N.Angel AMV and I want to give anyone that comes to this site the opportunity to watch it as well. It's called Everytime We Touch by Dark Mousy Studios, and it's about Daisuke and Riku.

15th February 2006
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*Added 1 person owning a character
*Tidied up the Inuyasha quotes page
*Added one Inuyasha quote

Happy Valentine's Day a day late. Please don't kill me! :) I've put a angst Happy Potter fanfiction up on The URL is It's a oneshot so there won't be any more chapters or anything. Please put any commets/suggestions in the chat box on this site.

Has anyone heard of the anime DN Angel or the manga Tokyo Babylon? I've been watchign DN Angel and I think Dark Mousy is great!! Daisuke's kinda sweet. I think I like them equally. I just brought Volumes 2,3 and 4 of Tokyo Babylon from Borders!!! (I've already read Volume 1 from my local library. I saw no point in buying Volume 1, which I've already read, when I could buy Volumes 2,3 and 4, which I haven't read. Next time I go there I'll hopefully buy Volumes 1 and 5.) I think Subaru is cute but I wonder what Seishirou is upto though...he's very mysterious...and what was with him taking off Subaru's gloves and why can't Subaru take off his gloves in front of Hokuto? So many questions...:)

About the new Inuyasha quote I added...I think it's really sad when Inuyasha says 'I longed for such a life' (he's talking about a life with Kikyo, read the quote for the full info) It's so sad...I know it's just anime but I really feel for Inuyasha. He has such a sad past...I think it's good when an anime makes us feel sad or happy for the character because it shows how well the creator is getting the point and feeling of it across. Of course maybe it just shows that the watcher is totally obsessed...0_o Uh..anyway, Happy Valentines'! Hope you all got a card from that special someone! ^^

12th February 2006
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*Added Inuyasha Episode One Dubbed.
(Note:Please wait a while for the video link to work, then the episode will be viewable.)

I've been considering starting a Fruits Basket website but I'm not going to. One reason is because this website only just opened and I've got loads more AMVs to upload. Plus with all the school work I have I don't think I have the time.

9th February 2006
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*Added one AMV.
*Changed 'Random Image'.

I had a Science test yesterday and a Maths test today...I wonder how I did...

6th February 2006
Image hosting by Photobucket *Added 2 people owning characters.

Today I got Volume 6 of Furuba!! (that's why I've put the bunny above, because the character on the cover of Volume 6, Momiji, can turn into a rabbit!). I just finished reading it! I was thinking, the rabbit above kinda suits Momiji, because it's so cute and happy, like he always is.

5th February 2006
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*Added 5 AMVs for watching.
For a while now I've been reading a manga called Fruits Basket (a.k.a. Furuba). Have you heard of it? I have to admit that I like the manga more than the anime episodes I've seen floating about on the internet. I've got Volumes 1-5 and Volume 7. I'll be getting Volume 6 on Monday! *jumps for joy* Who here agrees with me that Kyou and Tohru are a perfect couple? But I think that if Tohru tells Yuki that she loves Kyou, Yuki will be depressed. I don't think he'll ever he able to be happy for them if they do get together. I often wonder if anyone even visits this site...but I ain't closing it! Not after all the effot I've put into it! *Makes a determined face, much like Tohru's after Kyou told her to look 'sharp' when she's by herself* lol. Well, until next time, Sayonara.

4th February 2006
*Added a chat box! ^^
*Added 2 AMVs for watching.

2nd February 2006
*Added Inuyasha Movie Two Parts 6 and 7 for watching.

1st February 2006
Today my site is officially open.
*Added Inuyasha Movie Two Part 5


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