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Site FAQ
SnoopyQ1.Why did you decide to make a Inuyasha site?

A1.Well I fell in love with the series after watching just two episodes of it. I downloaded several episodes and movies, got loads of images, and thought, why not make a website for other Inuyasha fans?

Q2.When do you update Snoopy's Inuyasha Shrine?

A2.At least once a week if I can.

Q3.Can you help me with html?

A3.Sure! Just email me


More Questions

Q4.Can I borrow any of your stuff and put it on my site?

A4.That depends on what you want to borrow. If you borrow AMVs you MUST give me credit. Please email me if you want to use anything.

Q5.Can I be your affiliate?

A5.Sure! Click the link in the Affiliates section that says 'apply' and fill out the form. Don't be afraid of getting rejected.I'm not a mean person and will most likely accept you.


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