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Secondary Good Characters

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Age:Unknown, but she is older than fifty (she was a child when Inuyasha was sealed against the tree.)

Info:Kaede is Kikyo's younger sister and took over the post as the village miko after Naraku killed Kikyo. Kaede lost her right eye at a young age while fighting along side Kikyo and Inuyasha. Kaede was the first person to realise that Kagome was the reincarnation of Kikyo. Kaede also put the kotodama rosary (a holy rosary that gives power to the spoken word of whomever creates it)on Inuyasha's neck so that whenever Kagome says 'osuwari' ('sit')Inuyasha always falls face first onto the ground. Kaede also provides moral support and is a source of helpful knowledge regarding Kikyo's past, most notably her brief time with Onigumo, and the era.


Personality:Mama is a nice person. She always acts happy (maybe she's optimistic?)
Info:Mama is Kagome's and Souta's mother. The name of Kagome's mom is, as of yet, unknown. She is often seen at Kagome's house. She lowered her bike seat so Kagome could ride on it, that way Kagome wouldn't have to lug her other bike in and out of the feudal era.


Info: Grandpa, who first introduced Kagome to the Shikon Jewel, is an annoying old man who tells legends. He is interested in old and strange spells that seldom work (seeing as the spell scrolls didn't stop Inuyasha)! Grandpa acts sort of as a father to Kagome (her real father is only mentioned briefly), although his legends tend to get on her nerves.


Race:Racoon demon
Personality:Miroku's friend. Hachi doesn't like danger, but he is willing to help out Miroku no matter what.
Info:Hachi has the ability to transform himself into different forms. These forms are not very powerful, but still serve Miroku through thick and thin. Hachi is almost always rewarded in some way for his services.


Age:15 years
Personality:Hojo is a nice person and he cares about Kagome.
Info:Hojo is a boy at Kagome's school who Kagome had a crush on. Eventually, he began to have a crush on her. He completely believes she's sick all the time and goes out of his way to bring her things to make her feel better. After Inuyasha forced Kagome back to her own time Kagome had an actual date with Hojo. But she was so worried about Inuyasha's wounds that she ran out of the restaurant in the middle of everything to try and return to the past. She often tries to convince herself that she really loves Hojo, but she always seems to take Inuyasha over Hojo if she has the choice. On a side note, Houjo also has a previous incarnation of the same name who is also in love with Kagome. He appears in episode 137 ("The Ancestor's Name Is Kagome"). The previous incarnation looks a lot like an older Shippo.

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Age: About 18 years
Info:Midoriko was a priestess (miko), much like Kikyo. She used spiritual powers not only to subdue demons, but to purify them as well. Then came the battle. She dressed herself in miko robes and old armor, and wielding only a single sword, she began battling countless demons. The battle raged on for 7 days and nights, until finally the many demons she fought formed into one. When this demon got Midoriko in it's jaws, Midoriko used the rest of her powers to force something out of her chest. That something was the Shikon no Tama, or jewel of four souls. She imprisioned herself inside the jewel, along with the demon. The battle still goes on inside the jewel.


Race:Demon Info:Toutousai is the legenday swordsmith who forged InuYasha and Sesshomaru's swords, Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga. He can breathe out fire and hit things with his hammer. He manages to save InuYasha a few times, and even teaches InuYasha the secret of breaking barriers.


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