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Secondary Bad Characters

Yura of the Hair

Name:Yura of the Hair
Race:Hair demon
Age: At least 50 years, but appers 18 or 19.
Info:Yura of the hair appears in episode 3 and 4- "Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again" and "Yura of the Demon Hair". She is the third villain that Kagome and InuYasha come across (don't forget about the Demon Crow, who was the second). She uses hair like puppet strings to control the women of Kaede's village in an attempt to get Shikon Jewel shards. She lives in a giant hair ball with thousands of skulls. She can be physically injured but will feel no pain, and she can use hair to heal herself. Yura of the hair, in addition to being able to control hair, has a sword, Crimson Mist, and has hid her soul in her favorite weapon, her comb. She is dead-set on removing InuYasha's "beautiful silver hair" from his head...and his head with it, as she usually beheads people with her hair to get theirs! Yura is killed by Kagome, who destroyed the red skull which held the comb where Yura's soul was.


Info:Urasue is the woman responsible for bring Kikyo back to life. In an attempt to find Shikon jewel shards, she stole the soil and bones from Kikyo's grave, then put them in a kiln that revives people. Although it resurrected Kikyo's body, her soul had reincarnated into Kagome. She used her clay soldiers to fight off InuYasha, Kagome, Shippo, and Kaede when she noticed Kagome as Kikyo's reincarnation. As the bridge which they were fighting on collapsed, Urasue grabbed Kagome and put her in a green bath that captures souls. Urasue managed to get Kagome's soul into Kikyo's body. When Kikyo is revived, however, she fatally injures Urasue. Urasue's magic was not powerful enough however, to prevent Kagome from taking back half of her soul.


Race:Human (Miko)
Age:70 years
Info: Tsubaki was originally a Miko Priestess, until the day Kikyo was given the Shikon Jewel by Tsubaki's Master in order to protect and purify Sango's village. As a result, Tsubaki was jealous that she, her master's prize pupil, did not receive the Shikon Jewel. She left her village and went to Kikyo's village, where she decided to take advantage of the Priestess' affair with InuYasha to kill her and take the Shikon Jewel for herself. Tsubaki sent a Shikigami (a magic spell-paper) in the form of a snake to put a curse on Kikyo, but Kikyou turned around, hit the snake with her bow, and it was sent back at Tsubaki. The snake spell bit Tsubaki in the right eye, leaving a deep scar on the right side of her face. She then went in hiding for 50 years, becoming a Dark Priestess and seLling her soul to the devil for eternal life. Absorbing many demons into her right eye, the preservation of her beauty and youth was achieved, while she took on the form of a old woman. She eventually was sought out by Naraku to kill InuYasha with the promise of the Shikon Jewel she desired so. Putting Kagome under her curse, she forces her to kill InuYasha (which Naraku enjoyed the irony of it). But Kikyo halted it, warning Tsubaki that not only was Kagome more powerful than she appeared, but if Tsubaki did succeed in killing InuYasha, Kikyo's vengeance would be swift and brutal. Tsubaki doesn't care, and tries to kill InuYasha with all her Demons, but all ended up destroyed. Tsubaki escaped, with the Shikon Jewel providing her youthful appearance, she returned to the village of her childhood where she used two Miko students to keep InuYasha and gang at bay while she unseals a giant Oni imprisoned in her village's "Forbidden Tower". Placing the Jewel in her eye, and absorbing the Oni, she become a giant monster to fight InuYasha, but only to be defeated by his Backlash Wave, though she barely survived. She was going to use the jewel's power, but Kagura retrieved it from her. Without the Jewel or demons to give her life, Tsubaki ages until she dissolves to dust. In the midst of dying, Tsubaki thought of where she when wrong, but ignored the fact her obsession with the Shikon Jewel was the start of it all.


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