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Personality:Mirku can be a pretty decent guy at times. But he asks every beautiful woman he meets to bear his child.

Info:Miroku wants to kill Naraku. Unfortunately Naraku has put a curse on Miroku and fathers before him. Its called a Kazaana or a wind tunnel is his hand. It can suck anything in. And eventually the hole will get bigger and will suck everything around it including Miroku. But until then Miroku uses his Kazaana to his advantage. Miroku is both a mon and a pervert, so he asks every beautiful girl he meets to bear his child.Now Miroku is tagging along with Inuyasha, Shippo, Sango, and Kagome to find Naraku and to collect jewel shards.



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Inuyasha © Rumiko Takahashi
Image from The DB Archives
Layout from Komet Tails Designs

Snoopy's Inuyasha Shrine