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Age:Less than one year but appears to be seventeen.

Info:Kagura is the second of Naraku's incarnation, Demons created from pieces of Naraku's body and gIven life their own. Kagura is a slightly arrogant demon who has the ability to control wind. Unlike her 'sister' Kanna, and her other "siblings", Kagura expressively resents Naraku. She longs for her independence from Naraku, who uses her disembodied heart as his trump card to get her to do what he wants suffer. Hence, Kagura only serves Naraku in doing his dirty work out of survival. As a result of being used, Kagura tries to find ways to get rid of Naraku secretly, so she can get her heart from him. She has even gone so far as to try and enlist Sesshoumaru to kill Naraku. She learned of Inuyasha's only weakness as a half-demon, but kept it to herself. When Hakudoushi was cut in two, Kagura took the larger half that became a new and much older Hakudoushi whom Naraku Naraku odered Kagura to obey.


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