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Escaflowne Quotes

Van:"Over here! I'm your oppenent. What's wrong!? You're hungry aren't you!? Well feast on this!"

-Escaflowne episode 1:Fated Confession. (Just in case you think Van is crazy, he's actually talking to a dragon.)

Hitomi:"Hey! What're you going to do?!

Van:"I'm gonna fight in Escaflowne."

-Escaflowne episode 2:The Girl From The Mystic Moon.

Hitomi:"See? It's E'Elemita. This card says you should stay put."

Van:"What are those?"

Hitomi:"Tarot cards. I can read your fate with these."

Van:"How could those things tell your fate?"

Hitomi:"I was tring to help you relax. You're so tense."

-Escaflowne episode 3:The Gallant Swordsman.


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