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Episodes 1-49 Summaries

Episode 1:The Girl Who Overcame Time and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome.

A half dog demon, called Inuyasha, steals the Shikon no Tama (the Jewel of Four Souls) from an ancient shrine. As he is running away, Kikyo, the protector of the jewel, shoots an arrow at Inuyasha, sealing him to a tree, the Shikon no Tama falling from his grasp. Inuyasha's eyes close and he sleeps while pinned on the tree. Kikyo then dies, but before she dies she tells her younger sister, Kaede. and the villagers to burn her body along with the Shikon no Tama, that way it can never be used for evil. Then Kikyo dies and we see her being cremated with the jewel.

Fifty years later, in present day Japan, a girl called Kagome is leading an average everyday life. Her grandfather is trying to tell her the story of the Shikon no Tama, but she's not really listening. She asks if he really thinks tourists are going to buy the dumb keychains they're selling. He replies that it's not just a keychain and tries to explain about the jewel on the end when a their cat interuppts him by playing with the jewel hanging off the end of the keychain. Kagome then interuppts her grandfather asking if he remembered it's her birthday tomorrow. He says he was going to wait another day but gives her her present early. It's a mummified hand. Kagome stares at it and tells Buyo (the cat) to "eat". Buyo takes it in his mouth and walks off, much to the dismay to Kagome's grandfather, who shouts that it's an antique.

We the hear Kagome narrating and she tells us a bit of background info about her home. The next day (her fifthteenth birthday) Kagome leaves for school. As she's running she sees her little brother Souta by the sealed well. She tells him that he's not supposed to be playing there, but he tells her that Buyo went down there. They go inside and hear a scratching coming from inside the well. They find Buyo, but then a centipede monster comes out from the well and grabs Kagome, pulling her down. The centipede monter says that Kagome must have it. Kagome puts her hand out and a strange purple light comes out of it, knocking the centipede woman backwards. However, one of the centipede's arms is still holding on to Kagome. As the woman falls backwards, she says something about the Shikon no Tama. Kagome lands on all fours at the bottom of the well, the centipede woman's arm lands next to her. She wonders if it was a dream but then sees the arm and decides it wasn't. She calls to Souta to get Grandpa, but there's no answer. She climbs up the side of the well by using vines that have grown there. When she gets over the top of the well, she's surprised to find herself outside in a forest, not inside the shrine where she lives. In fact, there's no shrine anywhere. She calls out to her grandpa and mother, but there's no answer. She walks away from the well, still calling out but still not getting any answer in return. Then she recognizes the Sacred Tree. She runs to it, hoping to find her house.

She bursts into the clearing where the Sacred Tree is, to find a boy dressed all in red pinned to it by an arrow. Vines (or roots) have grown up all around his body. He has long white hair and pointy ears on top of his head and he looks like he's asleep.

Kagome climbs up the roots of the tree and tries to talk to him, but no reply. She reaches for his ears, noticing that they aren't human ears. She wants to touch them, so she does. After a while she realizes that she's wasting time. Suddenly, a bunch of villagers see her. "What are you doing here?" they yell, bows drawn. Then arrows fly, hitting all around the boy and Kagome.

Kagome is sitting on a mat in the middle of the village, arms and legs tied. Everyone is staring at her, talking about her strange clothing (she's still wearing her school uniform) and wondering if she's a foreigner. Kagome wonders where she is when a priestess by the name of Kaede arrives. Kaede begins throwing some weird powder at Kagome and Kagome yells, "What is the meaning of this?!" Kaede explains to her that they thought she might be a demon in disguise. Suddenly, Kaede seems to realize something. She grabs Kagome's face and inspects it carefully. Then Kaede steps back and says, "You resemble sister Kikyo"

It's night time. Kaede is cooking something. She puts some of it in a bowl and hands the bowl to Kagome, along with some chopsticks. Kagome takes the bowl gratefully and begins to eat. Kaede tells Kagome about the wars going on recently and Kagome asks if she's in Tokyo. "Tokyo? Never heard of it before," is Kaede's answer. She asks if it's Kagome's country and awkwardly, Kagome tells Kaede that she'd like to go home. Silently she wonders how she's supposed to get back. Kaede thinks of her sister Kikyo's death. It has been 50 years since then... Something is moving very quickly through the grass. It moves like a snake...or a centipede... The centipede reaches the village and begins destroying huts. Villagers are running, ringing a warning bell. Kaede and Kagome peer out of Kaede's hut. They run out when they see the centipede woman that pulled Kagome into the well. She's destroying the village. The centipede yells at them to hand over the Shikon no Tama. Kaede asks Kagome if she has the Shikon no Tama, but Kagome doesn't really know what she's talking about. Nothing seems to be working on the centipede demon. Kaede says that they have to drive it back to the dry well in Inuyasha Forest. Kagome realizes that the well must be where she came out of. She asks if it's in the direction of the bright light and then runs off. Kaede is shocked. "That girl can see things ordinary people can't see," she says as Kagome runs towards the forest, hoping the centipede demon will follow her. Kagome is running as hard as she can, wondering if anyone will save her. The centipede demon is right behind her. "Anybody, help!!!" Kagome yells out. In the forest, we hear a heartbeat and see Inuyasha. Suddenly, he flexes his claws. "I can smell the girl who killed me!" he says, lifting his face and hand. He tries to take the arrow out, but he can't. There's a spell on it. Kagome is still running with the centipede demon right behind her, yelling for the shikon no tama. Kagome insists that she doesn't know what she's talking about. The centipede attacks, causing Kagome to fly through the air and land at the foot of the sacred tree. "Hey Kikyo!" She hears above her. She looks up and sees the boy, looking down at her with amber eyes. Kagome stares at the boy as he continues talking to her, calling her Kikyo the entire time. When Kagome gets angry and starts telling the boy that she's not Kikyo he says, "It comes." The centipede demon forces Kagome away from the boy. Suddenly, arrows appear in the demon's side. The villagers have come. They pull the centipede away from Kagome. The boy laughs at Kagome, still calling her Kikyo. Kagome's had enough. She gets up and tells him that she's not Kikyo. "No other girl smells this disgusting except you!" The boy replies. Then slightly surprised he sniffs the air. "You are...not Kikyo?" he says. "My name is Kagome! Ka - go - me!" The centipede demon comes in from behind and grabs Kagome who in turn grabs the boy's hair. A villager yells to Kaede. "Inuyasha has awakened!"

The centipede yells for the Shikon no Tama. That gets the boy's (Inuyasha's) attention. The centipede lunges at Kagome with huge teeth. She puts her hand out in front of her and yells out. Lights comes from her fingers, blowing the centipede back. Three arms fall to the ground and Kagome remembers that this also happened in the well. The villagers are shocked. Kagome wonders how she's able to do this thing. Something in her side begins to glow. The centipede attacks, knocking Kagome into the air. Kagome's side bursts open and a small-ish purple ball comes out of her side. It's the Shikon no Tama. Kagome falls to the ground, along with the Shikon Jewel. Inuyasha yells at her to give it to him. But the centipede demon wraps its body around them and squeezes Kagome to the tree where Inuyasha is pinned. The centipede mocks Inuyasha, referring to him as a hanyou (half-demon). Kagome asks Inuyasha if he's strong. He looks at her wide-eyed but doesn't reply. The centipede keeps mocking him. Then the centipede uses its extremely long tongue to take the Shikon no Tama in. Its arms return to its body. Its skin then falls away from its body, revealing a hideous monster underneath. It squeezes Kagome tighter. Inuyasha asks her to pull the arrow out. She reaches for it. Kaede yells at her not to pull it out since it is Inuyasha's seal. Inuyasha yells at Kaede that if the centipede completely absorbs the Shikon no Tama, it's the end. The centipede's body is pulsing with a strange reddish glow. "Do you want to die here also?!" he yells at Kagome. She pulls herself up and grabs the arrow. With a yell she pulls on it as purple light glows all around it. Then it vanishes. Purple light comes from Inuyasha. His whole body pulses like a heart. "Inu...ya...sha!" Kagome says, disbelievingly. Inuyasha laughs like a maniac. The centipede squeezes her body onto him tighter still but he breaks free with a flash of yellow light. With one slash of his claws, he destroys the demon. "Heh!" he says as the demon falls apart behind him. "He...he really is strong..." Kagome manages to say. Beside her, a part of the centipede twitches. Kaede and the villagers run over to her. Kaede asks her if she sees a glowing lump of flesh. She tells her that the Shikon no Tama should be inside. They have to extract it or the centipede will revive. Kagome looks around frantically and sees it. Kaede takes it out and the centipede's skin melts away, leaving behind nothing but bones. Kaede hands the Shikon no Tama to Kagome and tells her that she's the only person who can use it. Kagome wonders why it was inside her body. Inuyasha steps forward, stepping on the bones of the dead demon. He tells Kagome that that kind of thing is useless for a human, so she better hand it over if she doesn't want to die.

Episode 2:The Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel.

The villagers are beginning to close in around Inuyasha. He looks around, slightly amused. Kaede tells Kagome that she can't give him the jewel. Inuyasha begins running towards Kagome and Kagome runs away. Kagome trips over the bones of the centipede demon, which turns out to be a good thing because because of the fall, Inuyasha missed her head when he slashed at her with his claws. Kagome is surprised that Inuyasha actually tried to kill her. The villagers shoot arrows at Inuyasha but he just breaks them. He runs forward and with his claws, cuts down two trees, causing them to fall on the villagers. Kaede takes a necklace of black beads and some white (shells or teeth?). Kagome runs with Inuyasha right behind her. He lunges at her with his claws and misses again, but causes Kagome to fall forward. She drops the jewel and it rolls a little bit away. Meanwhile, the necklace is glowing purple and hovering in front of Kaede as she's chanting something. It disappears and reappears around Inuyasha's neck. Kaede yells at Kagome to utter a word to subdue Inuyasha. Kagome crawls forward and grabs the jewel, not knowing what Kaede is talking about. She runs forward and the ground breaks up under her. She falls down and drops the jewel. It rolls onto a rope bridge. Kagome wonders what she has to say to restrain Inuyasha as Inuyasha lands on the bridge. The jewel rolls towards him and he prepares to pick it up. Suddenly, his ears prick up and Kagome yells "SIT!" The necklace glows purple and Inuyasha's face gets crushed into the bridge. Kagome steps forward onto the bridge and Inuyasha tries to take the necklace off, but he can't. Kaede tells him that he can't remove it. Inuyasha threatens Kaede and Kagome says, "Sit" Inuyasha gets crushed into the bridge, but this time it doesn't hold and he falls into the river below. The villagers are rebuilding the village.

Inside Kaede's hut, Kaede is tending to Kagome's wound. (Where the shikon no tama came out). Kaede tells har that it's going to be a problem that the Shikon no Tama came back. Demons and people with evil in their hearts will come after it. Kagome looks to the side and sees Inuyasha, lying with his back to her. He wants her to hand over the Shikon no Tama, but knows he can't attack her since she can just say "sit" and he'll get hurt. Kagome asks him why he wants it since he's already strong he doesn't need to borrow the power of the jewel. Kaede tells Kagome that it's because he's a hanyou (half-demon). At this, Inuyasha punches a hole through the floor. He's angry that Kaede is acting as if she knows him. He tells him that she's Kaede and he remembers the "little brat" that was at Kikyo's side. Kaede tells him that it's been 50 years since Kikyo sealed him to the tree. Inuyasha asks if Kikyo's an old hag like her. Kaede informs him that Kikyo died the day she sealed him with her arrow. She then goes on to say that Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo. The fact that she carried the Shikon no Tama in her body is proof.

Kagome walks through the village, Kaede's words still in her head. The villagers are talking about Kagome being the reincarnation of Kikyo. Kagome looks to the side and sees the villagers bowing to her and praying to her. She runs away.

Inuyasha is sitting in a tree. He's thinking about Kikyo and how she's dead. A piece of fruit comes flying at his back and he easily catches it. Kagome is standing under the tree, laden with fruit and vegetables that the villagers have given her. She invites Inuyasha to come down so that they can eat them together.

Kagome is sitting calmly, eating, while Inuyasha glares at her. She asks him why he doesn't like her. She's not Kikyo, she's Kagome! Inuyasha drops the vegetable he was eating and jumps up into his tree. She asks him to be more friendly with her. "FEH!" He doesn't care who she is, he wants the Shikon no Tama. Kagome reminds him that she can just say, "sit" and Inuyasha falls face-first out of the tree. "Sorry sorry cancel that."

Kagome is in Kaede's hut, trying to fall asleep. She's been in the Feudal Era for two days now. She falls asleep.

A little ways away, in a tree, a crow with three red eyes sits. It senses the Shikon no Tama that is now around the sleeping Kagome's neck. Inuyasha lands in the tree and slashes at the crow demons, but they get away. Daytime. Kagome is headed towards Inuyasha Forest to find the Dry Well. Since she came from there, maybe she'll be able to go back from there, too. The villagers and Kaede are looking for Kagome. Inuyasha overhears that she's not in the village. Kagome is walking through the forest. Bandits are following her. She sees the well in the clearing and is about to go there when the bandits drop down and grab her.

They bring her to a run down house. The leader tells Kagome to hand over the Shikon no Tama. His speech is slurred and he's in the shadows. He gets up and walks over to Kagome on wobbly legs. He draws his sword and two bandits hold Kagome in place. The boss brings his sword down, misses Kagome, and kills one of the men who was holding her in place. The rest of the bandits are horrified. He swings again, not caring whether her hits Kagome or his bandits. The bandits push Kagome forward, telling their boss that she's the one he needs to kill. Kagome points out to them that their boss is acting a little strange. Suddenly the bandits duck down and Kagome does the same just in time. The sword flies above her head.

Inuyasha is running through the forest. He lands in a tree and sniffs the air. He wonders where Kagome disappeared to with the Shikon no Tama.

The boss is still swinging and missing. The whole house is getting destroyed. By this point the bandits are trying to run away but the exit is blocked. Rubble falls onto one of the bandits and Kagome runs over to him and helps him out. The others run over to her and tell her that the exit is blocked. The boss is still telling Kagome to hand over the Shikon no Tama. Kagome notices that wherever she goes, the bandits go too, hiding behind her. She throws the Shikon no Tama away and tells the bandits to knock a hole in the wall. "Boss! It's not working!" (Notice how Kagome has now become the boss). The real boss has walked over to Kagome. He holds the sword over his head and begins to bring it down on her.

That's when Inuyasha bursts in through the wall and breaks the boss' sword. Kagome is happy to see him as he beats up the boss. The boss falls backwards and the bandits escape through the hole created by Inuyasha. Kagome asks Inuyasha if he came to rescue her and Inuyasha asks about the Shikon no Tama and whether or not it's safe. Kagome laughs nervously. Inuyasha notices that the boss' body is giving off a rotting, decomposing stench. As the boss' armor falls away, we see a hole in his chest leading to his heart. Inside the crow demon sits. It ate its way into his heart and has been sitting there, controlling his body. Inuyasha punches his hand into the hole where the man's heart was and the crow demon bursts out through the man's back while his body turns to bone. The crow demon flies out. Kagome asks Inuyasha whether or not he's going to go after it but Inuyasha isn't - that is until he sees that the crow demon takes the Shikon no Tama that Kagome threw out and flies off with it. Inuyasha bursts out of the building, dragging Kagome behind him. Suddenly he stops and looks at the horses the bandits left behind. On one of the horses is a bow and arrows. He goes off with Kagome holding the bow and arrows on his back.

Inuyasha is jumping from tree to tree, following the crow demon with Kagome on his back. He tells Kagome to shoot the crow down but she says it's impossible since she's never shot a bow before. Inuyasha warns her that the crow demon lives off human flesh. Just then the crow swallows the Shikon jewel. She decides to try to shoot it down. Inuyasha tells her to shoot it down with her first shot since Kikyo was a master archer. She aims and reminds him that she's not Kikyo. She lets the arrow fly...and misses miserably. Inuyasha falls and slides on his face a few feet with Kagome still on his back. She asks him if Kikyo being a master archer was a lie.

The crow demon gets bigger. Inuyasha is running with Kagome on his back again. She takes aim, lets the arrow fly, and again misses. Inuyasha stops and drops Kagome off his back. "You are definitely not Kikyo's reincarnation!" Then he goes off by himself.

The crow flies over the village. It picks up a child and carries him off. Inuyasha is running alongside the crow. "I'm going to slice you up along with your food!" he says and Kagome yells at him to save the child. Inuyasha slashes the crow with his claws, breaking it up into pieces. The child falls into the river but Inuyasha is looking for the Shikon no Tama, not worrying about the drowning child. Kagome pulls off her shoes and socks and dives into the river. She swims towards the child, grabs him, and swims to shore. Inuyasha yells at her from the opposite shore to find the Shikon no Tama. "HMMM!" Kagome ignores Inuyasha, shocking him. "Wha...what was that?!" The crow demon pulls itself back together and flies out of the river. Inuyasha yells at Kagome, telling her that the dmeon is escaping. Suddenly the kid begins to yell. The demon's foot is still attacked to his back. Kagome borrows a bow from a villager. Kagome aims at the demon, the foot tied to the arrow. She lets the arrow fly and it soars straight at the demon. The arrow hits, and a bright purple light comes from it. The Shikon no Tama begins to crack and then it breaks apart. The pieces shoot all over.

A rustling is heard from the trees. The head of the crow demon is coming at them. Inuyasha slashes at it, destroying it. From the head falls a piece of the Shikon jewel. Kagome picks it up. She says it's a Shikon jewel...shard. Inuyasha says:"WHAT!?"

Episode 3:Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again.

The ep opens with a voice over by Kagome, in which she complains that the people in the past Japan don’t know what a bath is. She is bathing in a cold water lake. On the shore, Kaede has a fire going and tells Kagome to come out before she gets sick. Kagome refuses, claiming that she is covered in blood and dirt, and her hair hasn’t been washed in a week. She dives under water. On the top of the embankment on the shore, Inu sits grumpily in a tree. Kagome flashes back on the last two eps,and believes that this is all too weird to be a mere dream.

[Flashback] In Kaede’s hut, Inu is ragging out Kagome for breaking the jewel. Kaede tells him to stop “barking” (very punny) and says that technically, it wasn’t Kagome that broke it, but rather the crow’s foot that was attached to the arrow. She says that no matter how many pieces the jewel broke into, all it would take is one in the wrong hands to cause severe trouble. Kagome apologizes, thinking that it’s all her fault. Kaede then says that only by working together will Kagome and Inu find all the pieces. Kagome’s like “huh?”, and Inu says that’s fine by him, because he’s one of the “wrong hands” that Kaede was talking about (Kaede says she knows). All Kagome wants to do is go back home. [end of flashback]

Kagome (still under water) wonders how she can get back home. She emerges from the water (naked) to find Inu staring at her from the top of the embankment. She freaks out and lowers herself back into the water, yelling “sit boy!” Inu is pulled down onto the shoreline (face-first). Kaede asks him if he is alright, and he says that he forgot about the necklace. Kagome (dressing behind some bushes) tells him it serves him right for being a peeping tom. He replies that the only reason he came was to... (Kaede interrupts and says that he only came to steal the jewel?). He turns his back on her and pouts. Kaede implies that he can’t get the shards alone. She reminds him that only Kagome can find the pieces of the jewel, but that once found, only he has the strength to take them back. Inu says “I’m still here, ain’t I”, and that he can put up with anything in order to get the jewel back. Kagome emerges from the bushes and says that Inu really hates her, doesn’t he? When he looks up at her, he is struck silent. With the clothes she is wearing, she reminds him of Kikyo. Kaede asks Inu what’s wrong, but he says nothing.

Switch scenes, and we see the silhouette of a woman, in the midst of a red glow, who looks like she’s waking up. She says that after 50 years, the jewel has finally resurfaced, and that she’d almost given up hope. She picks up a skull (from somewhere) and uses a red comb to stroke some lond strands of hair still attached to it. She laughs evilly and we see that she is sitting on a bed of skulls.

Back at the shore, a woman from the village approaches and tells Kaede that something is wrong with her daughter. Kaede heads back to the village with her, and leaves Kagome and Inu alone, telling them not to fight. When Kaede is gone, Inu immediately tells Kagome to get undressed! She is flabberghasted, and hits him on the head with a rock (ow! poor Inu). She calls him a pig, but he retorts that he didn’t want her to get naked, he just couldn’t stand the sight of her in those clothes. She asks if it is because she reminds him of Kikyo, but he denies that idea. She inwardly thinks that even her little brother has more maturity than Inu.

She tells Inu that she doesn’t like this situation either, but that they have to work together. He implies that it’s only her who needs him, so she then says that he won’t care if she goes back home. She starts to walk away, and Inu’s ears twitch. He turns back around and asks her where she’s going, to which she replies that she’s going home. He says “You can’t just leave, you....”, to which Kagome responds that her name isn’t “you”, it’s Kagome. As she continues to walk away, he says “Wait stupid!”. She answers that her name is not “stupid” either. He tells her to just wait and hear him out. She stops, turns around, and asks why, thinking that he’s going to try and stop her, but all he really wants is the jewel shard she has. She holds up a tiny sack with a string attached to it, and says “Oh, this?” She then glares at Inu and says “Sit boy!”. Inu eats dirt once again! Kagome swings the sack around her finger as she continues walking and can’t believe Inu’s attitude, thinking that he never once called her by her given name.

Back in the village, Kaede and the woman enter the woman’s hut, where her daughter appears comatose. Kaede approaches, but stops when she hears a strange sound coming from all over the hut. She warns the mother to stay back, and the daughter suddenly flies up into the air, hanging like a rag doll. Kaede sees that there appears to be hair attached to the daughter. A butcher knife then flies up into the unconscious daughter’s hand and she attacks Kaede!

In the forest, Kagome reaches the well. She peers down into it and gasps when she sees bones. She remembers Kaede telling her that the well is called the bone-eater’s well, and is a resting place for the bodies of monsters. She figures that these bones must belong to “Mistress Centipede”. She drops her school clothes and sinks down onto the grass, saying that she can’t go in the well. She then looks up at the sun and wonders what to do. As she does so, she sees a glimmer reflect off of something that looks like a string, and when a leaf falls on it, it is ripped in two. Afraid, Kagome gets to her feet, but her face is cut by another thin strand. She looks up and sees what appears to be hair strung all around the forest. A woman appears in the air and notes that Kagome can see the “net” of hair. Kagome asks who she is, but the woman just laughs evilly.

Meanwhile, Inu is flying through the air, pretending he doesn’t care that Kagome has left. He thinks he’s better off without her. He reaches the village, and sees a bunch of women hanging in the air like rag dolls. He lands and makes a sarcastic comment (“Well, I guess I shouldn’t ask what you’re up to.”) That was classic Inuyasha again! The comatose women start raising weapons, and Inu prepares for a fight (he almost seems glad).

In the forest, the woman introduces herself to Kagome as Yura of the Hair (a demon), but says that Kagome needn’t remember the name, because she’ll be dead soon. Yura releases an attack of hair strands that whip at Kagome. Yura then uses a hair strand to take the sack containing the jewel from inside Kagome’s kimono. When Yura sees that only a piece of the jewel is in the sack, she chastizes Kagome for breaking it and asks where the rest is. Kagome says she doesn’t know. Yura grabs her sword and says that in that case, she’ll finish Kagome off. She zooms toward Kagome with the sword in hand! Kagome pushes herself backward and the sword swings just above her face. Yura has missed her target, but Kagome falls (screaming) into the well. Yura is disappointed, saying that it isn’t fair the girl escaped. She also mentions how strange Kagome is.

Meanwnile, Inu recognizes the women from the village, and asks if someone is going to tell him what’s going on (he’s ready for a fight at any rate). Inu hears his name and sees Kaede lying on the ground, crawling toward him. She says not to attack the women because it’s not their fault. He jumps over to her and asks what happened, mentioning that she looks awful (she has a wound in her left shoulder). He tells Kaede that “it’s either them or us, and I choose us”, but Kaede says that there’s someone else controlling the girls. She then realizes that Kagome is not with Inu. He tells her that Kagome said she was going home, and that he can handle this situation without her, so what’s the big deal? Kaede again tells Inu not to hurt the girls, but he replies that if she wants to see tomorrow, they have to do something. Kaede says that by controlling the strings that are suspending the girls, the girls can be controlled. One of the girls then attacks Inu. Kaede tells him to find the hair, but he can’t see it!

In the forest, Yura is sitting up in a tree, controlling the girls (the hair is attached to both her hands). She indicates that she’ll definitely want to add Inu to her collection. Kaede suddenly realizes that it is a trap. She warns Inu too late, and he is restrained by multiple hair strands. He says that whoever’s controlling the hair isn’t too smart, because even all tangled up, he can still pull out whoever’s on the other end (he then attempts to pull hard on the hair). Yura ends that way of thinking by flinging the hair, causing Inu to fall backward onto the ground. She then pulls him tight against a tree. Kaede can only look on helplessly as Yura tries to strangle Inu. Using a powerful surge of strength, Inu is able to pull the hair away from him. The sharp hair cuts the tree in half, but Inu is freed. Yura expresses her disappointment as the hair goes slack in her hands. Meanwhile, Inu tells Kaede that he thought he was a goner, and Kaede says that he would have been, were he normal. Suddenly, some men from the village rise up into the air, and Inu says that he’s getting sick of this. Kaede tells Inu to forget about her and save himself. He tells her to quit the noble act, but then she collapses. He asks her if she is alright, but when she doesn’t respond, the always insensitive Inu says “Thanks a lot.”

In the forest, Yura is gathering up the hair from her struggle with Inu. She finds a strand of his silvery hair and remarks how pretty it is. We then see Inu flying through the air with Kaede on his back. He tells her to hang on. She sees strands of hair in their path and warns Inu about them, but he simply plows right through them. Yura is following them, using her hair to fly through the forest like Tarzan. She remarks that Inu is stubborn, but fun, and that she simply must have his hair. At dusk, Inu and Kaede are resting in the forest. Inu asks that if Kaede can see the hair, can she tell him where it’s being pulled from? She replies that even if she can, she’s in no condition to help him, and that he must find Kagome. Inu asks her if Kagome can see the hair too. She says yes, and that Inu will need Kagome to help him. Kaede then closes her eyes and becomes motionless. Inu just stares at her.

Meanwhile, Kagome wakes up at the bottom of the well. She hears her grandfather’s voice above saying that they’ve been in there a thousand times, and Sota’s voice replies that this is where she fell in. A flashlight peeks over the top of the well, and Kagome is rescued by them. She can’t believe that she is home! Her grandfather tells her that she’s been missing for three days, and Sota asks her why she’d wearing those weird clothes. Inwardly, Kagome can’t believe that she’s not dreaming - she’s really home! She runs to her grandfather and cries in his arms, saying that she was so scared. He doesn’t know what to make of it.

Back in the past, Inu digs a hole for Kaede and starts to bury her. He says that, after all things considered, it’s the least he can do for her. She then speaks, and says that she’s resting, not dead! He replies that she can use it as a hiding place then. He says he’ll come back and get her, if he remembers! (insensitive Inu strikes again). Kaede asks him if he promises to remember, but he says nothing. He gets up and starts to walk away, and she asks again. He says okay, and that he heard her the first time, then takes off into the forest, heading for the well. He curses Kagome for leaving, right when he needs her. Kagome is at home, enjoying a bath. Switch scenes back to Inu, running through the forest, and we see that a clump of hair is following him. It is controlled by Yura, who is telling the “little girl” to come out (she is talking about Kagome). Back in her bath, Kagome is stroking her hair, remarking about how good shampoo is.

Yura Of The Demon Hair.

Kagome's mom is talking to her grandfather, wondering if they can believe Kagome's story. Souta insists it's real since he saw a monster come out of the well and kidnap Kagome. Kagome's grandfather thinks of the history of the well and then decides that he has to do something. He nails the well shut and puts scrolls all over it. Kagome is drying her hair when her grandfather tells her that he's sealed the well. Her grandfather tells her that the well will never be opened again. Kagome looks slightly worried.

Inuyasha is running through the forest in the middle of the night. He stops and sniffs the ground. He recognizes Kagome's smell. Then he stands up and walks over to the well. He kneels down next to Kagome's clothing. Then he jumps into the well.

Kagome is lying on her bed, obviously very happy to be home. She begins remembering things about the Feudal Age. She wonders about Yura. She begins to worry about Inuyasha and what he will think when he finds out that she lost the jewel shard. And then she remembers that Inuyasha doesn't want or need her around. She decides that she's going to forget everything since she's never going to go back anyway. Then her mom calls to her from downstairs. A friend of hers is on the phone. And also, they're ready to eat.

Souta is asking his grandfather whether or not he's sure that the well is shut down forever. Grandpa is very sure since he sealed it with magic scrolls. Kagome comes over and is very excited to see that they have Oden for dinner. Her grandfather tries to talk to her but can't get past her "Oden! Oden! Oden! Oden! Oden! Oden!"

Footsteps sound from outside. We see a pair of feet and red clothing. The door slides open and behind Kagome (whose mouth is full of food) stands Inuyasha. Everyone stares at him, speechless. Kagome asks him where he came from and he tells her the well. Grandpa tells him it's a lie since he sealed the well. According to Inuyasha, the scrolls did not work - at all. Inuyasha grabs Kagome and begins to drag her out of the room. "Hold it right there!" Kagome's mom yells. Kagome's mom walks over to Inuyasha, grabs his ears and asks if they are real. "Me next! Me next!" Souta runs over. Kagome says, "Now is not the time for...well, I did it, too." Suddenly, Kagome notices a hair on Inuyasha's clothing. Inuyasha doesn't see it. Kagome picks it up. It tightens around her hand, cutting her. Nobody can see the hair except for Kagome. Then she realizes that it's Yura's hair. She runs out to the well.

There's hair coming out of the well. Inuyasha is behind Kagome. She yells at him for letting the hair follow him. Kagome's grandpa and Souta run over and she yells at them not to come in and then closes the door on them. The hair attacks and Kagome dodges. She tells Inuyasha where it is. He tries to slash at it but misses. He hears where the hair moves and dodges it. Or at least tries to. The hair wraps itself around his arms and legs anyway.

Outside, grandpa is pounding on the door while Kagome's mom and Souta wait and call out to Kagome.

Inuyasha is fighting the hair, slashing at it. Whenever he cuts, the hair comes back. Then Kagome sees the main hair that is controlling the rest of it. She tells Inuyasha to cut it but Inuyasha can't see it so he just slashes blindly. Since he can't see it, Kagome grabs it and pulls it down. The angle she holds it at causes the light to bounce off, and Inuyasha sees it. He slashes it and the rest of the hair melts away. Kagome wonders why Yura attacked since she already has the shikon shard. Could it be that she's after her and Inuyasha? Kagome decides to go back, even though she doesn't want to. But if she stays, her family will be in danger. She feels Inuyasha place his coat on her. He tells her that it's made from the fur of a fire rat so it'll be stronger than any armor. They jump into the well.

Yura is lying on top of thousands and thousands of skulls. She decides that it's almost time Kagome and Inuyasha get back. She's holding a weird red skull as she's talking to herself.

Kaede is talking to herself. She basically says is that Kagome and Inuyasha have to work together.

From inside the well, Kagome warns Inuyasha that even the well is surrounded by hair. This makes Inuyasha realize that Yura's after them. Kagome casually mentions that Yura has the shikon shard. Inuyasha spazzes. Kagome decides that if they follow the main hairs, they'll find Yura.

Inuyasha carries Kagome on his back. They see a campfire and stop at it, only to see the headless bodies of runaway samurais. Kagome picks up a bow and a quiver of arrows. Inuyasha makes fun of her that she can't hit anything anyway and Kagome tells him that if she practices...her hand tightens on Inuyasha's shoulder and Inuyasha decides that even if she's useless, she's got "backbone". Kagome tells him that the main strands are all gathering in one place, so they're close.

A bunch of hair attacks. Kagome tries to tell Inuyasha where the hair is coming from since he can't see it, but it's coming from all sides. It wraps itself around Inuyasha's wrists and ankles and pulls him away, causing Kagome to fall to the ground.

Kagome looks up and sees a giant ball of hair. Then Yura swings on her hair and lands on several strands. Yura and Inuyasha exchange a few rather angry words. Well, angry on Inuyasha's part and insulting on Yura's part. Inuyasha breaks free of the hair and swings towards Yura but Yura dodges him and uses a red comb to send more hair after him, tying him up with hair again. Yura lands behind Inuyasha and admires his silver hair. Inuyasha attacks, or tries to attack, but he's still tied up with the hair. In any case, he makes Yura fall backwards. She does a few flips in the air, uses the net of hair she has as a kind of "trampoline" and takes her sword out as she soars past Inuyasha. She cuts him. She decides to kill him now.

She attacks but something flies past her, causing her to jump back, away from Inuyasha. She looks down and sees Kagome with the bow. There are a few words exchanged between Yura and Kagome, causing Kagome to get mad and to fire another arrow. But this time it flies rast by Inuyasha. So close that he has to bow his head down because otherwise it would have hit him. Instead, the arrow hits Yura's ball of hair. Purple light begins to spread from it, engulfind the entire ball. Then it falls apart. Skulls with hair still attacked fall, still tangled together but not a giant ball anymore.

Yura uses her red comb to send fire down on Kagome. Then she turns around to attack Inuyasha. Inuyasha puts his claws into his wound, covering them with blood. Then he slashes at Yura. It's an attack similar to Sankontetsusou except it's called "Hijintetsusou" which means Claws of Blood. It's more powerful than Sankontetsusou. One of the bloody blades cuts off Yura's hand and the hair tying Inuyasha loosens. With the red comb in her mouth and hair attached to her other hand, she sends skulls at Inuyasha and then her severed hand with the sword at his neck. Inuyasha dodges it, but it comes close. He sends more claws of blood after her but she blocks it with a wall of hair. Then the severed sword hand comes at him from behind and stabs him in the back. He falls to the ground as Yura reattaches her hand.

Yura stands next to Inuyasha and prepares to cut his head off. That's when Inuyasha stands and puts his hand through (yes...through) Yura's chest. But Yura seems unaffected.

Yura stands over Inuyasha, her red comb in hand, when suddenly she feels a tug at it. She looks behind her and sees Inuyasha climbing up the skulls and hair of Yura's former hairball home. She gets pissed and makes the whole thing rock but Kagome hangs on. While her back is turned, Inuyasha grabs her sword and slashes her vertically more or less in half. The hair comes and fixes her. Now Yura's really mad.

Kagome calls out to Inuyasha that there's a red skull with something coming out of it. This makes Yura rush over at Kagome, leaving Inuyasha behind. Inuyasha pulls free of his binds as Yura tries to kill Kagome. Yura sends her sword at Kagome. It hits Kagome's arm but nothing happens. Kagome's still wearing Inuyasha's fire rat fur clothing. Yura sends some hair at Kagome but nothing happens. Then the hair goes around Kagome's neck. Then Kagome begins to get hurt. Inuyasha attacks Yura with his claws of blood, severing the hair at Yura's fingers and freeing Kagome. As the hair falls, taking Kagome with it, Inuyasha grabs her and lands safely on the ground with her.

When they land Kagome yells at Inuyasha to be careful but a little bit too late as Yura's sword digs its way into his chest. Yura then pulls it out (by means of the hair) and catches it. She tells Inuyasha that she's immortal and then sends the sword at Inuyasha again. But it stops inches away from Inuyasha as Yura notices that Kagome is trying to break the red skull by using an arrow. She saying that the hair that is connected to Yura's hands is coming out of the skull. Yura sends the sword at Kagome and with a final swing, Kagome breaks the skull, stopping the sword. Purple light shines out of the skull and Yura begins to glow blue and disappear. Only her clothing is left.

Kagome holds up a red comb that is broken in half. Inuyasha recognizes it as the real identity of the hair monster. The comb got sick of combing the hair of the dead and so it turned into a demon. Inuyasha reminds Kagome to get the shard of the shikon jewel. "Let's go, Kagome," Inuyasha says and shocks Kagome by calling her by her first name.

Episode 5:Aristocratic Assasin, Sesshomaru.

A man with long white hair who looks in his late teens, 2 red stripes down both his cheeks, and a purple crescent moon on his forehead, pointed ears, some spiky armor, and a long fluffy white thing on his shoulder appears on the screen on what looks like a grave. A staff with a men’s and woman’s head on either side appears on the grave. Some kinda toad thing with HUGE yellow bug eyes walks behind the staff. He calls the man “Lord Sesshoumaru” and tells him the staff points to that grave. The toad thing walks forward to the grave and from all sides, wolves or dogs appear. The man named Sesshoumaru walks forward fearlessly with the toad cowering behind him. The dogs start growling and Sesshoumaru stops walking. Upon closer inspection, we see he has eyes a little darker amber than Inuyasha’s. He says to the wolves and dogs that he wants the Fang, and with the Fang he can become stronger. He reaches his hand out and they look like Inuyasha’s b/c he has claws, but he also has stripes like the ones on his face. Anyway, he holds out his hand a points his index finger out and it glows green. His eyes narrow and the dogs attack. Out of his finger a whip thing comes out. He starts to spin around really fast and the whip circling around him. When the dogs touch the whip, they obviously get ripped to shreds. Sesshoumaru says, “Jaken, bring the Staff of Heads.” (Jaken is the toad.) He rushes to the grave and places the end of the staff on it. The woman on the staff wakes up and screams. Jaken says, “This is not the grave we’re seeking.” Sesshoumaru turns and walks away. Dogs are running and we meet this flea on one. He’s wondering who those 2 were and says they have to report the incident to Inuyasha as soon as possible. These soldiers are having a feast and their boss hears screams of men. 3 or 4 of the men surrounding Sesshoumaru fall to the ground dead. The leader asks him, “Who are you?!!” “I want a boat.” The boss laughs at him. “The boat is not a request.” The boss stupidly rushes at him but Sesshoumaru is much faster. He grabs the boss by the neck and lifts him off the ground and his eyes are glowing red. The soldiers are frightened and Sesshoumaru throws the man destroying one of the boats. The soldiers raise their swords and Sesshoumaru stares at the lake. Jaken comes in and says, “I couldn’t find a boat anywhere.” And he looks at the lake and sees the boats. The soldiers realize Sesshoumaru’s not human and surrounds him. (question.if they realize that he’s not human and he can do damage WAY easily,why did they not run?they are very stupid in this case.) Sesshoumaru says, “Take care of it.”, and walks away. Jaken lifts the staff and fire breathes out of it at the soldiers. He looks for Sesshoumaru and runs in the direction he left. The staff starts to floats and the man’s head glows and points in a direction. Sesshoumaru and Jaken are in a boat when Jaken stupidly says, “Maybe Lord Inuyasha would know the location of the grave.” Sesshoumaru swings his arm back knocking Jaken out of the boat. Then he uses the staff to hold him underwater. “It’s not a name I would like to recall.” He reminds Jaken that he’s no longer alive since he was sealed to a tree 50 years before. (that was true until 5 episodes ago.) Jaken, desperately trying to keep his head above the water, gurgles out that Inuyasha’s seal was recently broken. Then he points out that the staffs position changed so he thought it might have something to do with Inuyasha being awake again. Sesshoumaru eyes narrow again. Kagome comes out of the well with her bike. She basically flashbacks the last 4 episodes. The flea we saw before is on the path and hears a bell and looks up. Kagome runs over him and wonders if she ran over something, but decides that it was her imagination. Inuyasha is sitting on a tree limb. “Come down, Inuyasha. I need to treat your wounds!” “I don’t need it.” “But you were baldy hurt! You need to come down.” He says nothing. “SIT!” And the usual happens. Kagome kneels down next to him with a first aid kit. Kaede is walking with a bunch of LITTLE kids. “I wish those 2 would get along better.” One little boy pipes up and points, “It looks like they’re getting along fine to me.” Ok, this is what’s going on. Kagome is sitting on top of Inuyasha. She’s trying to get him to take his clothes off. Kaede is standing in front of the children saying, “Don’t look.” Kagome and Inuyasha realize what’s happening and Inuyasha stands up throwing Kagome off him. He pulls his shirt down showing her his chest. It’s completely healed. He’s a half demon so he heals faster. He looks down and sees a flea sucking blood from his chest. Inuyasha recognizes the flea as Myouga. As soon as Kagome hears it’s a flea she starts to frantically spray it with bug spray. (it’s so funny to watch her do that for some reason.) Only after realizing she shouldn’t have done that. At Kaede’s hut, Myouga is telling them that someone tried to dig up Inuyasha’s dad’s grave. He tells them the place he was guarding just had the gravestone, it wasn’t the actual grave. He also doesn’t know where it is. (so that makes pretty much everyone who doesn’t know where it is.for now anyway.) Kaede talks about how Inuyasha’s father was dog demon, which we kinda already knew. @_@ Inuyasha said that he has no memories of him. Kagome asks about his mom and Myouga begins to say that she was a beautiful woman, but he gets stepped on by Inuyasha who leaves the hut and says, “My mother died a long time ago.” Kagome wonders if she said something wrong and Myouga replies that he always does that when someone mentions his mother. Inuyasha’s in a tree looking angry. She realizes that since Inuyasha is a half demon and his father is a demon, his mother must’ve been a human. She wonders if he hates his mother b/c she was a human. A strong wind blows and Inuyasha jumps from the tree and presses Kagome to the ground. He asks her if she can feel that. She looks up and in the sky, is a black carriage. There’s a beautiful woman looking out of the window in chains being held captive. Inuyasha reacts simply by saying, “mother…” The woman cries out for him and Sesshoumaru and Jaken appear riding on a huge ogre looking demon and the demon starts to crush his mother. Jaken tries to fry him but Sesshoumaru says he wants to talk to him first. (it wouldn’t have worked anyway, DUH!he has his coat on.) Inuyasha shouts at him, “You bastard!” “So you recognize your older brother?!” Sesshoumaru taunts him for being a half demon and asks him where their father’s grave is. He says he doesn’t know. Inuyasha also doesn’t believe that lady is his mother either. Sesshoumaru tells him that he brought her back to life and gave her a new body. Inuyasha freaks suddenly worried that the woman COULD be his mother. Then he attacks the demon and saves her. Kagome runs over to check on her, but Sesshoumaru tells the demon to attack Inuyasha. But before they can get hurt, his mom uses some kinda magic to transport them. When he wakes up, he’s in a field of flowers with his mother and Kagome’s sleeping. His mom tells him they are on the border b/w the living and the after world. She sweet talks him saying how much he’s grown a lot and that she’s sorry he had to have such a horrible life. Kagome wakes up and she can’t move. She also sees that his mom has no reflection. She tries to talk but realizes that she can’t. It’s an illusion but she can’t do anything about it.

Episode 6:Tetsusaiga, The Phantom Sword.

The villagers are looking for Kagome when they find her bike. Back in Present day Tokyo, Kagome's mom and Souta talk about Kagome. Inuyasha and his "mother" are still standing together while Kagome is desperately willing him to wake up and realize that she's not his mother. Inuyasha's mother says that she has to go back to the next world now, and makes a flower appear in her hands. she sends it onto the water where it breaks apart and the petals float. Then she tells Inuyasha to look into the water. He sees his own memories from when he was a little boy. (SO CUTE!) His mother hugs him but from behind we see that her hands melt into him, absorbing him. While Kagome is trying to figure out why she can't move, she realizes that everything thus far has been an illusion. The pond is a swamp and there are chains holding her down. Myouga the flea comes over to Kagome and tries to wake her up by sucking her blood. It works. Kagome can move again. Jaken is in a bout, coming towards Inuyasha and the woman who now has no face. He calls her the "nothing woman" and hits her for absorbing him so quickly because he's going to die if she does. He asks her if she found out the location of Inuyasha's father's grave. Kagome is hiding around the corner and Myouga warns her about Jaken's staff of heads. The nothing woman absorbs Inuyasha further, trying to get him to remember the location of the grave, but he doesn't know. Then he says "the right black pearl" Jaken yells at her to find out more but the nothing woman tells him that if she goes deeper, his soul will break. While in his illusory state, Inuyasha realizes that the woman is not his mother. While Jaken yells at the nothing woman that if she doesn't hurry up he'll get scolded by Sesshoumaru, his staff disappears from his hands. Kagome has grabbed it from behind and then she kicks Jaken froward. Then, swinging the staff like a golf club, she hits Jaken several feet into the air. Then she runs after the nothing woman. Myouga tells her that she has to wake up Inuyasha's soul in order to free him. Myouga tells Kagome that the nothing woman is made up of the souls of women who have lost their children in wars. That's when Kagome sees the real form of the nothing woman's spell reflected in the water. The disturbs the water in order to free Inuyasha's soul and Inuyasha is knocked away from the nothing woman. Inuyasha is pissed that the nothing woman took the form of his mother but Kagome tells him that it was all Sesshoumaru's and Jaken's doing. Then Sesshoumaru's voice is heard. He says that he has finally realized the location of the grave. Before Inuyasha has time to finish yelling out "Sesshoumaru!" Sesshoumaru is already in front of him, holding his neck with one clawed hand, while the rest of Inuyasha hangs several feet above the ground. He's still talking about his father's grave. Then he puts one clawed finger in front of Inuyasha's right eye. Yellow electricity shoots out into Inuyasha's eye and Sesshoumaru pulls out his pupil, then drops Inuyasha to the ground. Inuyasha's pretty pissed by this point. He atacks Sesshoumaru and Sesshoumaru sends his whip thing after him. Right before he's to deliver the final blow, the nothing woman throws herself in front of Inuyasha, protecting him but getting destroyed in the process. Sesshoumaru lands expressionlessly several feet away and Kagome begins yelling at him. He looks at her but Myouga tells her not to oppose him since they'll get killed. Jaken is crawling on his hands and knees when Sesshoumaru calls for him. He brings back the staff of heads and offers it to Sessoumaru. Sesshoumaru takes the staff, drops the black pearl to the ground and puts the end of the staff on it. The old man's face starts laughing. The pearl glows purple then goes out but a portal opens to Sesshoumaru's right. He goes in along with Jaken. Myouga tells Inuyasha to hurry after him because Sesshoumaru will get the treasure. Inuyasha turns to Kagome to tell her to stay there because it's going to be dangerous, but Kagome is already halfway inside the portal. She tells him to hurry up and then disappears inside. Then he follows her. They arrive at the grave. A bird of bones picks them up and carries them to a giant skeleton that Inuyasha says is his father. Kagome is amazed at the size of it. Myouga tells her that Inuyasha's father was a taiyoukai (great youkai) who lived for a very long time. Sesshoumaru is after the enchanted blade inside. They go into the skeleton. Inside, Sesshoumaru is standing in front of a sword that is point up in a stone table of sorts. Sesshoumaru says that the blade is capable of destroying 100 youkai with one swing. Its name is Tetsusaiga. He puts his hand on the hilt of the blade as Jaken says that Tetsusaiga was made from the fang of Sesshoumaru's and Inuyasha's father. Sesshoumaru's tries to pul the sword free but electricity crackles all around his hand and he cannot wield the sword. That's when Inuyasha and Kagome arrive. Inuyasha attacks but Sesshoumaru easily dodges and Inuyasha ends up face down in the skulls that litter the floor of the grave. As Inuyasha is threatening Sesshoumaru, Myouga turns Inuyasha's attention to the Tetsusaiga. Myouga tells Inuyasha to pull it out, and then says that Sesshoumaru wasn't able to pull it out. Inuyasha claims he doesn't want it. Sesshoumaru asks if he's implying that Inuyasha will be able to and Myouga says yes sine the grave was hidden in Inuyasha's eye. Inuyasha doesn't want it. The two brothers fight. Sesshoumaru is much faster than Inuyasha since he's a full demon. Myouga tells Inuyasha to take the sword. Then Kagome yells down to Inuyasha to take the sword because if he pulls it out then Sesshoumaru will lose face. Inuyasha strolls over to Tetsusaiga as Sesshoumaru glares. Inuyasha puts his hand on the sword. There's no electricity but he's having trouble. A light shines from the stone table. *commercials* The light is getting brighter and Sesshoumaru's glare more heated. Then the light goes out, Jaken's jaw drops, and the sword is still in the table. Then Sesshoumaru attacks. He easily catches up to Inuyasha and then pins him against a wall of the grave. Hee takes his hand back and it begins to glow green. Then he thrusts it towards Inuyasha. Inuyasha dodges and the wall that was behind him melts. Its poison. Inuyasha runs and Sesshoumaru takes out his glowy whip thing. Inuyasha slides several feet and Jaken prepares to throw flames at him. But Kagome takes Jaken on. He pushes her back. As Inuyasha worries about Kagome he gets hit by the still-attacking Sesshoumaru. Kagome puts her hand on the hilt of Tetsusaiga to help herself stand up. Inuyasha is about to get it with the poison claws again. He springs forward but Sesshoumaru stops him with one hand. He then pushes him into the ground and is about to kill him. Kagome steps forward, still holding on to the sword, when it comes free. Shocked, Sesshoumaru stops his attack and turns back to look at Kagome. " slipped" she says innocently. Jaken, Inuyasha, and Sesshoumaru are utterly and completely shocked.

Episode 7:Showdown! Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru.

Everyone was stunned that Kagome could put out Tetsusaiga without harm at all. Sesshomaru, who felt annoyed by such outcome, demanded Kagome that she must submit the sword to him. However, Kagome refused, and threatened that she'd cut him with the sword. Inu-Yasha warned Seshoumaru to stay away from Kagome for good. Sesshomaru, who hated humans and half-demons alike, then sprayed toxic sludge upon Kagome, covering her alive! He also remarked to Inu-Yasha that Inu-Yasha's love for human was what made him weak, just like his mother. Enraged by such insult and watching Kagome buried alive, Inu-Yasha lashed out physically upon Sesshomaru, because he wanted to defend the pride of both his mother and Kagome. But, his attack only put a dent on Sesshomaru. Unknown to both of them, Kagome popped out the sludge, unharmed, because the sword protected her. Kagome then handed the sword over to Inu-Yasha. Sesshomaru then turned into his true demon form: a giant wolf with toxic breath!He went on with an all-out assualt upon Inu-Yasha, and Inu-Yasha could barely fend him off with Tetsusaiga. Despite some encouragement from Kagome, Inu-Yasha soon found himself fighting for his very life! Just when things appeared to be hopeless, a miracle then happened. Tetsusaiga responded to Inu-Yasha's desire to protect Kagome, and transformed into a brand-new sabre! With the newly evolved Tetsusaiga, Inu-Yasha cut Sesshomaru into pieces, and sent him flying! Later, Kagome related her tale with Kaede about Tetsusaiga and Inu-Yasha, which they agreed with Myoga that Tetsusaiga was truly perfect for Inu-Yasha to wield, because his father created it from his fang with his love for Inu-Yasha's mortal mother. They also agreed that Sesshoumaru, who had no respect toward humans and half-demons alikem, was not worthy for Tetsusaiga to accept him. Kaede commented that in some ways, Inu-Yasha was just like his father with strenth and arogance, but in other ways, he was unique on his own. However, Kaede also said that now the sword was now in Inu-Yasha's possession, his trial has just begun. She also cautioned Kagome to be careful with Inu-Yasha, because he could become powerful himself to gain possession of all Shikon Jewel shards. But Kagome wasn't worried. She knew that she could still force Inu-Yasha to obey her with the word,"Sit, boy!", which would pull Inu-Yasha down with the necklace!

Episode 8:The Toad Who Would Be Prince.

The episode starts out with Kagome taking a bath. Inuyasha and Myouga are sitting in a tree and all myouga can do is stare at Kagome while Inuyasha is talking. Myouga then says that he is going to check on Kagome and leaves the tree. Inuyasha then sees something moving fast heading toward Kagome and speeds off himself. Then Kagome screams and you see a monkey with her backpack handing it to a guy named nobunaga looking for food. When Kagome gets her bag after mistaking Nobunaga as someone famous she gives him chips. While he eats them he tells Kagome about his mission to rescue a princess.Inuyasha finally decides to help when he hears a youki is invovled. They find out Nobunaga is in love with the princess and Kagome saves the day by using her hair spray and a small flame to drive the toad out of the prince when Inuyasha refuses to help them unless he can kill the toad. He then cuts the toad(in spirit form) with his transformed tetsigua. He then picks up his prize a shard of the jewel, while Nobunaga doesn't get his(the princess). Kagome and inuyasha are off on their next adventure with one more piece of the jewel, but not before calling Nobunaga an idiot.

Episode 9:Shippo And The Thunder Brothers

This ep. starts when inuyasha,kagome,and myoga sits in an ex battle field(filled up with corsps!). Inuyasha is saying,"Not bad Not bad at all!" while he eats instant noodles.he then asks kagome if she's gonna dig in her noodles.well, of course for a girl in mordern day SHE CAN'T EAT IN FRONT OF DEAD BODIES RIGHT!she then tell myoga and inuyasha about modern day Japan.Like hows it's doing and how astronaunts go up to the moon and such.(while inuyasha and myoga can't prononce astronaunt, they say astronuts!LOL!) well n-e-ways...a dark cloud comes along. And than some blue fire and a cute little voice says,"you have some pieces of the Sacred Jewel Shards!" (by the way!just to let you know that the voice is suppose to be BIG and SCARY!)then a big stupid lookin pink balloon come and say,"hand it over or you will be devoured!"(not exact words but...)so the balloon comes and bites inuyasha in the head!(like that's goona hurt him!it didn't even scare kagome!)inuyasha then scratches his head and WACKS THE BALLOON and it flies over to the other side of the battle field.the two (inu. and gome)goes over and sees who it was!inuyasha then says that it was some kind of bager of somethin. of course he makes fun of him!(like always.)the little guys name was shippo. little shippo runs over to kagome's bag and try to find the shards.he found it!(not exactly!)he runs away but the other part from the balloon(I think)runs away too. and that was the real shippo!inuyasha wacks him in the head then gets the shards from it all shows that inuyasha,kagome and shippo are sittin down and shippo is telling them about the two brothers,Hiten and he needs to avenge his father cause he was dead.inuyasha then says,"oh! the little runt needs to get the shards so that he can get stronger and avenge his father!" (sortta like inuyasha!but leave out the "avenge father part!")he then takes out hte shards. kagome seesit and yells,"you had MY shards along!?" inuyasha barks back,(not really barking though!)"I was just pertecting it for you!Ya have a problem with that?!"shippo then talks and talks while inuyasha and kagome argue.and they didn't hear what he said or do. kagome is riding her bike while shippo is in the basket and inuyasha is jumping on the trees.shippo explans how the brothers were.then shippo takes the shards again and run off while just a minute ago he left a spell on inu. making him stuck on the statue.kagome runs off chasing shippo trying to ge the shards back!then manten was in the lake lookin at himself wishing that he had more hair like his brother so that he would lure in some girls.(he had a bunch in the back and 4 in the front.)shipo come makes manten man.kagome come and hits manten in the nose.he hits him agin (with her arrow)and it cuts off 3 of mantens hair!nows he's really mad!4-3=1 he gets some lighting stuff out of his mouth and hits gome and shippo with IT!shippo was ok but kagome wasn't. manten sees how pretty kagome was and takes her to be his hair poison.or maybe eat her!fox boy runs to get inu.then at kagome view,she wakes up and sees manten cooking somethin.hiten comes in with a chick.(she looked like a hooker!)she hardly have any clothes on!she only had a snake thingy as a top!n-e ways...asks manten about the shards.manten then says that he got it but lost it.hiten got mad and fried the hooker into nothing!(guess he got tired of her already!)back to inu and shippo.shippo frees inu. and goes to find kagome.(theres a little part when shippo calls kagome inuyasha's woman.he blushed and socked shippo in the head!) kagome tell the brothers that inuyasha is madly in LOVE with her and that if anything happens to her he'll kill them.or gives the shard so that they can spare her.they then decided to tust her in her words.back to inuyasha,shippo and myoga:they talked about finding kagome,how the brothers eat pretty young girls.inuyasha then says that kagome isn't pretty and theres nothing to worry about.(he really was worried about her!he just didn't show it!)then they argue about how kagome looks pretty and ugly bla bla bla...the brothers come and blsted inuyasha but it didn't even scare him.they show kagome and he got so worried that he threw shippo to the side.(because shippo was on his shoulder.)Hiten thaen says,"oh! then the girl was right!judging by the look on your face.give us the shards or you'll never see your lover again!" inuyasha has a "WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKIN ABOUT?" face on! he yells at kagome on how can she say such things.kagome's thinkin,"he can't even take a joke!"and they start to fight.


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