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Name:Sesshoumaru (also known as 'Fluffy' by fans

Race:Full demon (more specifically a dog demon)

Age:Unknown, though we do know he must be more than fifty because he was around long before Inuyasha got sealed to the tree for fifty years.

Info:Sesshoumaru is Inuyasha's half brother. He and Inuyasha have the same father, but not the same mother. Sesshoumaru is the Lord of the Western Lands. He is cold, calm and confident to the point of arrogence. His character is actually quite a mystery as you're never sure of what to expect from him. Somewhat of a loner, he keeps his thoughts to himself and he only talks when he sees a purpose in doing so. In that sense, you never see him talk just for the sake of chatting, even with his own companions. When he does talk, however, he gets right to the point. He absolutely hates Inuyasha because of his half-demon blood. Even though he seems to hate humans he saves a small girl called Rin. Rin seems to soften Sesshoumaru a bit. Some people say he saved Rin because his Tenseiga (one of his two swords which has the ability to save dead people) made him, but some say he did it because he pitied the small girl lying in her own blood. Maybe he inherited his father's compassion for humans after all.


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