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Name:Kagome Higarashi



Personality:Kagome is a really nice person and is always ready to help someone out. Also, as the series progresses, her feelings for Inuyasha grow.

Info:Kagome is Kikyo's reincarnation from 500 years in the future. On her fifteenth birthday Kagome was pulled down her family's ancient well by a centipede demon. But Kagome broke free of the demon and discovered that she wasn't home anymore, she was in the past. But later the centipede demon attacked the village where Kagome was, wanting the sacred jewel. Kagome ran, leading the demon to a forest all the while calling for help. Then Inuyasha wakens, convinced that when he sees Kagome that she's Kikyo. Kagome kept telling the centipede demon that she didn't have the sacred jewel but then the jewel came out of Kagome. Inuyasha detroys the centipede demon but later a crow demon manages to eat the jewel. Kagome shoots an arrow at it and it hits. But not only does the arrow destroy the crow demon but it also shatters the jewel into many tiny shards. Shards which Kagme, alon with Inuyasha and their friends must find, as well as destroy Naraku.


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