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Own A Character

Sorry, I'm not doing this Own A Character page anymore. But I shall keep up the names of those who own characters. ^^


*Snoopy owns Hanyou Inuyasha

*Teriss owns Kikyo

*Julie owns Kirara

*Kat owns Demon Inuyasha

*Akari owns Demon Sesshoumaru

*Jessie owns Child Sesshoumaru (from the 3rd movie)

*Miaka909 owns Miroku

*LiaNaillo owns Kagome

*Misuchi-Chan owns Human Inuyasha

*Marybeth owns Baby Inuyasha (from the 3rd Movie)

*Mona owns Shippou

*Sarocha Markwell owns Child Inuyasha

*Cristiana owns Hakudoushi

*Krissy owns Bankotsu

Final Fantasy 7:Last Order
*Chloe owns Cloud

Shaman King
*Emmie owns Hao Asakura
*Sura owns Yoh Asakura

Rurouni Kenshin
*Rain owns Kenshin

DN Angel
*Remix owns Wiz

*Kura owns Dark

*Jaqueline owns Neji

*Tsumi owns Naruto

Fruits Basket
*Caleb owns Shigure


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