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Naruto Quotes

Gaara:"I fight only for myself, and I only love myself. As long as I think that other people exist to make me feel that...the world is wonderful."

Haku:"When a person wants to protect something or somebody precious to him he can be truly strong."

Kakashi:"Below courage there's nothing."

Naruto:"I'm not alone anymore. I never imagined that it would bring me this much joy and happiness. That's why I feel so desperate when I think of the past. That pain is no joke."

Naruto:"Stop complaining about fate and saying how it can't be changed."

Naruto:"I might look like I'm strong from your view, but I'm just acting like it because I always make mistakes and I don't like to admit that I'm weak."

Hinata:"You make mistakes...but...because of those get the strength to stand up to them...that's why I think you are truly strong."

Naruto:"I was alone, too. I didn't know the reason to my existence and suffered, but...Iruka-sensei acknowledged my existence, so I was finally able to feel like I was alive."

Naruto:"I don't want to lose even if I die!"

Neji:"Why do you fight against your fate that hard?

Naruto: Because you called me a loser."

Sasuke:"I've lost everything once before. Never again...I don't want to see my precious comrader die in front of me."

Shikamaru:"In life, nothing good comes out of hurrying."


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